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For your family's Easter Sunrise this year

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How to Go Through the Service

Probably the easiest thing to do is to have everyone pull up the service on their smartphones and follow along together. If needed, you can also print out copies for people without smartphones, or print out this Song Sheet to save paper.


This year in Niskayuna, sunrise will be at 6:18 AM, so a good time to start might be about 6:15. However, if that's too early for your family, that's fine—start when you can.


If you can be outside in a place where you can see the eastern sky (where the sun rises), it’s ideal. Not required, though.

If you invite someone who doesn't live with you (like a neighbor or friend), PLEASE make sure you meet in a place where you can maintain safe social distancing, for everyone's safety. And then remember to actually social distance!


You'll want to pick a leader for the group, whose job it will be to read the "leader" parts. There are also places for a couple other readers.


There are two songs. Each one has a recorded accompaniment you can use, and scanned sheet music if you'd like it. If you know them, you can also try singing a capella.